Committee on Cell Biology, The Polish Academy of Sciences

General Information




This Committee was established in 1972 on the initiative of W. Niemierko by Lech Wojtczak and Leszek Kuźnicki from the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology. Committee participated in advancing cell and molecular studies in Poland by initiating and financing the chosen topics (till 1989), formulating the long-term perspectives, networking and integrating scientists from the universities, medical universities, institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) and other scientific institutions.


The Committee is composed of the members of the Polish Academy of Sciences and elected outstanding scientists of the higher education establishments, research centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences and departmental research units from all over the country.


The main field of interest are the problems related to biological research on eukaryotic cells, their organelles and macromolecules, structures, functions as well as developmental and pathological processes.


Committee’s Chairpersons since 1972: L. Wojtczak, L. Kuźnicki, J. Kawiak, W. Kilarski, W. Korohoda, M. Zabel i E. Wyroba. The Committee propagates EU framework programs and supports the events promoting the science. Committee cooperates with foreign organizations and represents scientific community in contacts with ministries of Science, National Education, different national agencies and legislators.


From 1997 to 2014 Committee suggested several changes in the parliamentary act proposals including those on university and high school education, young scientists support, animal protection act, genetically modified organisms and taxes on scientific journals/books. The initiatives concerning financing of research and academic career were undertaken.


Committee organized and co-organized numerous scientific conferences/symposia and some of them are listed below, whereas the recent are illustrated here